PWA Art Print?!

2 years ago, I decided I'd start a business. I wanted to bring you natural skincare at a fair price. I needed a great name. Purple Willow came to be. I needed a great logo. I had a wonderful idea, but not the skill to achieve it. I reached out to 2 artists with my vision. I wanted a woman, not too thin and not too sexy, but definitly an image that exuded feminine confidence. She needed to be a tree, easy right? Every aspect of this creation was carefully curated to match my vision. This is our result.

She is powerful. She is healthy and she is beautiful. She is the embodyment of Purple Willow, and she is us. 

This art was created by Danielle Davis and Sylv Von D. Danielle scetched out her form, and Sylv completed her. These are 2 incredibly talented women!

This image is very special to me, and I can't put into words how much she means to me. I started PWA with no previous experience or education. I read everything, researched and continue to research, I took my idea and I made it something. Blood sweat and tears are real in this business, but like the strong Willow, I made it! She is you, and she is me!

I am elated to share her, in celebration of the shop's 1 year anniversary! I do hope you will grab a print for yourself!

PWA Art Print👇🏼

Thank you PWA family, and here's to year 2!


-the boss lady

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  • Amber on

    Lovely illustration apropos of the products, the company & the Boss Lady behind it all, well done artists!
    I have a son Tyrian who’s name means the royal color purple, but that color also is a representation of those wounded in battle-given a medal for their sacrifice, it also represents a month of the victims of domestic violence/sexual abuse-their survival & stories to help others escape such.
    One powerful color I associate with royalty, valor, dignity, survival & the power to overcome all obstacles with grace. These are things I think of when I see this image & hear of the backstory.

    The woman depicted as she is, the choice of the tree itself & what it embodies alone in combination of that regal color is truly inspiring.

  • Sylv VonD on

    YAYYYYY! Kermit wiggle arms

  • Guylene325 on

    What a beautiful print! Love it

  • Liz on

    She is absolutely beautiful and the story behind her creation is touching. Fantastic job, Chelsea, Sylv and Danielle! #iamthewillowtoo

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