Matte Whipped Butter
Matte Whipped Butter
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Matte Whipped Butter

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2019 Holiday Advent Release!

There are only 12 of each scent in the 2 oz size. 8 ounce is also available and will be fulfilled as ordered. The most popular scents will return in the future! Please allow an additional 7-10 days for processing.

•Day 1 "Not Just Another Girl" (Dark Kiss type)

•Day 3 "Coming Thru In Waves" (Fiji Vacation) 

•Day 5 "Catch My Eye" (Teakwood)

•Day 6 "This Jelly" (Jelly Doughnut)

•Day 8 "Play Me A Memory" (Lime, Basil & Mango)

•Day 10 "Green But I'm Wise" (Country Apple)

•Day 11 "Exchanging Glances" (Cuban Tobacco)

•Day 13 "Baby, You The Best" (Electric Lemonade) 

•Day 14 "Drift Past The Flowers" (Floral Tea)

•Day 16 "In The Frosty Air" (Snowy Air)

•Day 19 "Get On Top" (Whipped Cream)

•Day 21 "Feeling Alright" (Vanilla Sugar)

.•Day 23 "Merry Measure" (Lingonberry Spice)

Also Available:

Nose So Bright (peppermint) 

• Overpour batch “Sleep With One Eye Open” (smoky marshmallow)

If it’s warm where you live:

When your package is delivered, get it out of the hot mailbox as immediately as is possible, and put in the fridge if softened!

 BE WARNED that if you live in a warm climate in the high 70's and up - your butter WILL soften and potentially melt as the temperatures creep up. DO NOT leave in hot mailbox all day and DO refrigerate your order once received to firm it back up if needed! (A customer recently shared that she left her butter in her hot car and it melted, but she added it to an empty cuticle oil pen and loves it!! )

Get ready for an amazingly fluffy and NOT greasy whipped butter for your whole body! It performs magnificently as a hand moisturizer right before you take your manicure photos! Instantly hydrate, and within a minute, snap your photo! No greasy shine AND it’s all natural with only 5 ingredients. I’m obsessed.

New scents added often. Restocks are announced on Instagram and shared to Facebook.

***This Butter is sensitive to temperature changes. After mixing, it is refrigerated until shipment. I do my best to make sure it doesn't leak, & it's an evolving process. DO NOT leave in warm mailbox. Should your jar soften, put in refrigerator & it will firm back up. If you prefer, it can also be stored here for a firmer overall consistency. Please don't hesitate to contact me, if you have any questions. ***


Ingredients: Avocado Butter, Safflower il, Arrowroot Powder, Aloe Extract, Fragrance

NO PRESERVATIVES. Shelf life 6 months to 1 year. Do NOT allow water to come in contact with your container of product.

Handmade in Washington State, USA



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