The Essentials Cuticle Oil
The Essentials Cuticle Oil
The Essentials Cuticle Oil
The Essentials Cuticle Oil
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The Essentials Cuticle Oil

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Our Cuticle Oils are created with high quality natural ingredients. We do not often use fragrance oils, and we do not use preservatives. The purpose of our oil is to nourish, restore, and enhance your nail health. We use essential oils and carrier oils that are beneficial to your needs, and this is also what scents them. You may not find pina colada or gummy bears scents here, but you WILL find superior products that will improve your nail health!


***DO NOT USE products with ESSENTIAL OILS if PREGNANT, before consulting your physician!*** 

 Since that's so straightforward, we decided to have some fun with naming them.

She's So Fine 
She's So Fine is the signature blend for our shop. This oil tackles the 4 biggest nail concerns. It whitens your nails with Lemon, moisturizes and strengthens them with Lavender and  a hint of Myrrh. Myrrh is also one of the best options to aid nail growth.   
The scent is mostly lemon, with mid-notes of lavender, and then very subtle notes of woodsy Myrrh.

"She's So Fine" is a lyric in the song My Best Friend's Girl by The Cars.

I Hope You Feel It
This Lemon only blend will work to whiten and brighten your dull looking nails while waking up your senses with the crisp zest of pure lemon essential oil. Lemon essential oil is wonderful at strengthening as well, due to the high Vitamin C content. 

"I Hope You Feel It" is a lyric in the song You Outta Know by Alanis Morrissette

Whispering Wind 
This Lavender only blend promises to strengthen and moisturize your cuticles thus promising to fight back against hangnails and tears. It is recommended for those with dry skin, it will fight back against weak and brittle nails if used daily,  due to the wonderful moisturizing properties of Lavender essential oil.  We all already know Lavender also equals calm and sleepy!

"Whispering Wind" is a lyric in the song Stairway To Heaven by Led Zeppelin

Witchy Woman

Witchy woman is our secret weapon and not to be taken lightly! This pure Myrrh essential oil is blended with Grapeseed oil to pack a real punch! Myrrh is said to be the best at promoting nail growth with its ability to protect cuticles from dryness and nails from brittleness. If you are not familiar with the woodsy scent of this, it smells woodsy. This is not for a bubble gum and strawberries kind of nose!  I suggest lubing your nails up with it at bedtime, and let it work it's magic!

"Witchy Woman" is a song by The Eagles


3ml Click Pens are refillable. Hold on to them to reuse when refill bottles become available.

There are no preservatives in PWA Cuticle Oils, therefore introducing foreign matter could shorten its shelf life.

Please use your oils within 3-6 months for optimal benefit and quality.

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