ADVENT Pre-Order Oct 1-15 ~~~You are pretty amazing. Keep that shit up!
ADVENT Pre-Order Oct 1-15 ~~~You are pretty amazing. Keep that shit up!
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The Essentials Cuticle Oil
The Essentials Cuticle Oil
Purple Willow Apothecary

The Essentials Cuticle Oil

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Available Scents will always match the concurrent Topcoat being released! Our proprietary “She’s So Fine” essential oil blend of lemon, lavender & myrrh will occasionally be in these releases as well! 

*Small batches only so may sell out fast* 

Our Cuticle Oils are created with high quality natural ingredients. The purpose of our oil is to nourish, restore, and enhance your nail health. We use essential oils and carrier oils that are beneficial to your needs, and this is also what scents them.  We do like to have a bit of fun too though, so you may also find pina colada or gummy bears scents sometimes too, and you WILL ALWAYS find superior products that will improve your nail health!


***DO NOT USE products with ESSENTIAL OILS if PREGNANT, before consulting your physician!*** 


She's So Fine (not in Fall release)

She's So Fine is the signature blend for our shop. This oil tackles the 4 biggest nail concerns. It whitens your nails with Lemon, moisturizes and strengthens them with Lavender and  a hint of Myrrh. Myrrh is also one of the best options to aid nail growth.   
The scent is mostly lemon, with mid-notes of lavender, and then very subtle notes of woodsy Myrrh.

September Scents (available until sold out.)

Dracula's Crunch Berries  

Leather & Hickory 

Pumpkin Spice 

Spiced Caramel

Trick or Treat Bag

We Are the Weirdos Mister (black licorice)


 Scents now $3.75 (available until sold out.)



 There are no preservatives in PWA Cuticle Oils, therefore introducing foreign matter could shorten its shelf life. Always apply cuticle oil to clean and dry hands.

Please use your oils within 3-6 months for optimal benefit and quality.

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